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Guest appearance with Monadnock Community Chorus - Requiem for the Living

18 August, 2019

20190817 074651
Panoramic image of the choir and instruments on stage during performance, being conducted

The Monadnock Community Chorus from Peterborough, New Hampshire, celebrated their 60th anniversary with a collaborative concert tour of the Maritimes, involving local musicians at every stop, and hitting Charlottetown PEI on Friday August 16.

Several of our members were fortunate enough to participate in this unique experience. We purchased our own sheet music ahead of time, listened to many practice videos on YouTube, but didn't actually perform together with the travelling ensemble until a 90 minute rehearsal just hours before the concert!

We are thrilled that Artistic Director Matthew Leese contacted the Summerside Community Choir to be the Monadnock Chorus' "partner in crime" for their PEI stop, and admire his bravery in letting local musicians pretty much walk up on stage and join them. We think we held our own, and hope this is the beginning of a wonderful collaborative relationship between our two choirs.

20190816 114926
Requiem for the Living concert poster

20190816 153255
Members during a casual rehearsal, finding their places on stage

20190816 154122
The percussionist, sitting amid his several percussion instruments during rehearsal in a t-shirt and shorts

20190816 200556
The backside of the conductor, during concert, directing the singers

20190816 203017
Summerside Community Choir members in the lobby after the concert, talking with the Monadnock director

20191016 145036
Image taken from balcony above of the whole group on stage during performance

Listen to a short snippet of the performance on the Monadnock Chorus' Facebook Page!

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