Summerside Community Choir is the longest-running community choir on PEI!

November update

Mon Nov 01 2021

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No news is... no news.

Although the executive has still been doing executive-y things behind the scenes (there ALWAYS seem to be emails to answer!), we are still in a holding pattern regarding in-person choir rehearsals.

We hope everyone is keeping safe, and keeping busy as the weather turns colder and the wind gets a little more bitter. We know you'll start listening to Christmas music soon (by choice, or by retail-imposed force) and we wish we were making that music together.

As always, when we have an update, we'll inform our membership via email. So, if you're interested in joining us when we do start back up again, please reach out by email or social media and we can preemptively add you to our membership email list so you can stay informed. (There's no committement involved, and you can remove yourself from the list at any time if you decide not to join us.)

Until we can meet again, enjoy your cozy-sweater, hot-beverage at-home Tuesday nights!

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